Widexl CGI scripts

We have been developing CGI programs for on the internet that are written in Perl. Every version of the Members Admin CGI script contains a install script. Widexl is proud to present to you the follow CGI scripts.

Commercial CGI Scripts

Membership Management

Password protecting web pages.

Membership Management SQL

Password protecting script MySQL version.

Link Directory

Link directory management script.

Link Directory SQL

MySQL link directory management script.

Free CGI Scripts

Download Tracker

Track downloads on your site.

Page Guard Pro

Web page error and login tracking.

Server Info

Supply you with Server information.


Remotely Hosted Scripts

Link Popularity

How popular are you on the internet?

Meta Tag Analyzer

Analyze the Meta Tags from your website.

Keyword Ranking

How are your keywords ranked?

Search Engine Saturation

Search Engine Saturation check.


Tools Online SEO Tools

» SEO Analyzer
» Keyword Ranking
» Link Popularity Check
» Meta Tag Analyzer

New Programs

» Membership Management
» Membership Management SQL
» Link Directory
» Link Directory SQL

New Free Programs

» Download Tracker
» Page Guard Pro
» Server Info

Tutorials Tutorials

» Link Popularity tutorial
» Module Rewrite guide
» Htaccess guide
» Install a CGI script