Link Directory MySQL

Link Directory MySQL is a link directory script which allows you to run a complex link directory similar to the Yahoo! directory, without the problem to editing and updating HTML pages. Easy to install, and to upgrade with the online installation and updates. Its features: Search script with advanced ranking, build search engine friendly static pages, complete customization with templates, full control on category and link databases, advanced template programming, and administrator control panel.

Online demo
The LinkSQL demo directory
The LinkSQL demo Administrator script
username: demo
password: demo

  • Search script with advanced ranking.
  • Online updates (always up-to-date without re-install the script).
  • Easy to use installation script.
  • Option to search with MySQL FullText search.
  • Online script configuration.
  • Online templates editing.
  • Include membership management.
  • Members can update their listings.
  • Send mass mail to members/link owner/subscribers.
  • Create search engine friendly static pages.
  • Complete site look customization with templates.
  • 5 star rating.
  • Advanced template programming.
  • Administrator control panel.
  • Visitors can rate the links.
  • Members can rate the links.
  • Members can review the links.
  • Option to build detailed page for every link.
  • Script will work under mod_perl.

If you want to see what other have done with the script, take a look at their sites:

The price from the Link Directory SQL script is 129.95 USD.

System Requirements
  • MySQL 3.23.6 or higher.
  • A unix (linux) / Win NT webserver.
  • Perl Version 5.6 or higher.
  • Web page that allows custom CGI.
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