Membership Management SQL Program

The Membership Management SQL program is professional and highly secured membership software designed to password protects and manages multiple member directories. This membership software MySQL database driven and work with AuthType Basic, Digest and MySQL. The members can update their own member profile. Includes a script to see who is online.

  • Password protection for your web site.
  • MySQL database driven.
  • AuthType Basic password protection.
  • AuthType Digest password protection.
  • AuthType MySQL password protection.
  • Script can be used for commercial use and non-commercial use.
  • Multiple memberpages with there own AuthType.
  • Every memberpage have there own configuration.
  • Multiple administrators (require .htaccess password protection for the script).
  • Automatically approve paid members.
  • Automatically delete experienced members.
  • Addition from members by the administrator.
  • Updating from members by the administrator.
  • Members can update their member profile by themselves.
  • Unlimited custom form fields.
  • Removed members are saved in different database (tabel).
  • Fast form fields checking.
  • Auto approve members.
  • Mass mail to members, awaiting members and removed members.
  • Use off the membername, password, email, name... in all the emails.
  • Automatic addition and deletion to .htpasswd or .nsconfig files.
  • Form fields checking.
  • Track logins and bad logins.
  • Find automatic members account for lost username and passwords.
  • Full search for members, awaiting members and removed members.
  • Logs info about the good and the bad logins.
  • Tracks sharing passwords and log them out.
  • Custom password and member name size.
  • Include a install script.
  • And more...

The price from the Members Admin CGI SQL is 119.95 USD.

System Requirements
  • Unix (Linux) webserver.
  • Perl Version 5 or higher.
  • Web server that is compatible with Apache version 1.3 or higher.
  • Web page that allows custom CGI.
  • Sendmail program.
  • The ability to write custom .htaccess files.
  • MySQL database.
  • Module DBI and DBD::mysql installed on the server.
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